Finding Home Medical Services is a comprehensive mobile medical service offering a broad range of medical care for patients across the continuum of care settings from hospital discharge to hospice care. The primary benefit to patients is continuity of care. Our team is able to follow patients in skilled nursing/rehab, assisted living, independent/senior living and in the home setting.


Finding Home Medical Services (FHMS) was conceptualized in 2011 and initially started as The Finding Home Foundation, inc. (a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing life changing experiences to hospice patients. Still operating currently).  Dr. Adeline Cooney published the "Theory on Finding Home" in which she studied patients living in nursing homes and what is required for them to "Find Home" even when they are living away from their true home.  Many patients and families get lost trying to navigate the complex medical system and the fragmented transfers of care. FHMS was founded with the mission to assist patients and families with complex medical problems "Find Home" during the burdensome challenges that arise for patients with severe complex medical illnesses. Allow us to help you find a safe place on your difficult journey.